Gravy Wars

From the city that brought us Rocky, cheese-steaks, and soft pretzels, comes Gravy Wars | South Philly Foods, Feuds & Attytudes…

…a humorous narrative about the Italian-American culture, told from a South Philly perspective. You’ll laugh out loud as you read the truth about Italian traditions and superstitions. Plus Gravy Wars is peppered with more than 65 scrumptious original recipes to help you win your own culinary competitions.

Best-selling author, Lisa Scottoline calls Gravy Wars “Charming and heartwarming, and an authentic echo of growing up Italian-American. Ranalli is the real deal, and it shows!”

Preface – Gravy Wars – A Live Broadcast

The preface describes a radio bit as it unfolded during the morning drive program of a major Philadelphia radio station where Lorraine was co-hosting with Chris McCoy. The gravy subject was brought up and Chris called Mrs. Ranalli, instigating a challenge between mother and daughter. Proceeding with the description of the on-air gravy contest, this and the opening chapters set the stage for the stories in the book.

Chapter I – An Eye For Taste

The first chapter opens with a discussion of the age-old Philly region debate over the use of the term gravy vs. sauce. It is the only place in the book where the truth is revealed—that gravy is a term unique only to South Philly Italians. Lorraine offers theories as to how the term came to fruition. Subtitles in this chapter offer advice for following the recipes in the book.

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